We work with cutting edge partners to deliver novel research & insights on the state of play in the uk gambling & gaming sector.

Action Against Gambling Harms is a registered UK charity supporting and encouraging research in the gambling and gaming industry, highlighting the potential harms associated with the industry.

47% of UK adults reported gambling in the past month

Gambling Commission, 2020

£14.2bn gross gambling yield in the UK

Gambling Commission, 2019

Problem Gambling in the UK

A good deal of research has demonstrated how gambling is an increasingly normalised behaviour. It is also increasingly profitable, with UK based gambling companies making a gross gambling yield of £14.2bn between April 2019 and Mar 2020 (Gambling Commission, 2020). But despite the fact that it is becoming more widespread, more accepted and more profitable, the harms that emanate from it remain complex and often hidden.

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Research into the harms associated with gambling is still scarce compared with other addictions, and receives less funding from government and the research councils. (Kings College London, 2021)

Our key objective is to promote the need for further research so there is better understanding of both the harms that are being experienced as well as possible interventions that may pre-empt or mitigate these harms.

The growing issue of problem gambling cannot be overlooked, particularly in the digital age, where access to gambling platforms is as easy as a few taps on a smartphone. The allure of online casinos, especially those that offer fast payout options, can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they provide a convenient and exciting way for players to engage in recreational gaming. Platforms like https://sloteire.com/fast-payout-casinos, for instance, are highly sought after by players for their efficiency and convenience in transactions. However, on the other hand, the ease of access and immediacy of payouts can contribute to problematic gambling behaviors if not monitored and controlled.

Our latest reports

Our latest reports

Behavioural Insights Team

How younger people (aged 18-24) pay for gambling, and what this means for bank based spending controls

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RANDKings College London

An assessment of the existing landscape of longitudinal data collection related to gambling

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Working with new data — rather than potentially biased opinion, Action Against Gambling Harms is working with respected partners to deliver new research and insights on the state of play in the UK gambling and gaming sector.

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